Timeshare ownership option

Wilderness Dunes in addition to the private home ownership choice offers investors timeshare. Timeshare at Wilderness Dunes is based on a fixed week calendar and is sold in week units.

An investment in timeshare should not be viewed as a short-term financial investment but as a long-term leisure investment. This product is an investment in your lifestyle and is a product that will reduce your current and future holiday costs.

Because lifestyles change and families mature, flexibility of usage has been built into timeshare ownership. Wilderness Dunes is affiliated to RCI, which enables owners to exchange locally and internationally. It's Gold Crown status ensures owners will obtain excellent exchange values when space banking with RCI .

Wilderness Dunes has a wide range of luxury timeshare accommodation available from three bedroom three bathroom units to one-bedroom units.

Wilderness Dunes has won the RCI's "Resort of the year" award 3 times.

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